Company profile

Our Group commenced business in 2004,we are principally engaged in the research and development, manufacture and sale of consumer electronic products. We aim to provide one-stop services to our customers by offering design,prototyping/ sampling,manufacturing, assembly and packaging of their products.Weresearch,develop and manufacture consumer electronic products,such as GPS personal navigation devices for our customers in accordance with their needs.As a result,certain customers utilise our design engineering capabilities for theirProduct development of GPS personal navigation devices.For other electronic devices,such as mobile internet devices and digital video recorders,we generally manufacture the products according to our customers’ own specifications.Our main capabilities include (i) developing GPS functions;and (ii) SMT for handling different types of consumer electronic products,such as GPS personal navigation devices,mobile internet devices and digital video recorders.Such capabilities enable us to manufacture consumer electronic products in accordance with the needs of our customers.
We have a Hong Kong subsidiary, namely Central Pacific International,and we are based in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province,thePRC.All our consumer electronic devices are manufactured in our Shenzhen Production Base in the PRC and are sold to our customers through Central Pacific International.All our products are deliverd to our customers in overseas mainly on FOB basis at Hong Kong port.